About Tamara NY

    TAMARA New York was founded by Tamar Tsomaia in 2016. Born in Ukraine and raised in the Republic of Georgia, Tamar moved to New York in 2013 in order to pursue her ambitions, namely making a name for herself in the world of fashion. Since childhood Tamar has been drawn to bright colors and has had a creative streak, one which is evident in her innovative and daring product designs.

  Tamar works with precious and semi-precious stone, silk, velvet, leather and other materials, creating handmade pieces that are one of a kind. Her pieces are statement pieces that any woman can incorporate into her style and look and feel beautiful and positive. TAMARA fashion accessories line is expanding rapidly and reaching women across the globe, with avid followers in Russia, Turkey, Brazil, China, Greece, Canada, the US and her native country of Georgia.

  TAMARA has been many years in the making. Her journey of self-discovery took her on an interesting path where she acquired various skills from drawing sketches to sewing and embroidery. She has designed fashion accessories, wedding and cocktail dresses that have been mentioned in many fashion blogs and magazines. Her creations were received with admiration and became highly demanded among Georgian fashionistas. She learned to pay attention to her feelings and understand herself better. One thing was clear from the beginning: she had to create and give herself to the world.